Why Do Ebooks Have to Flow?

Reflowable Ebook Formatting

Ebooks are absolutely nothing like traditionally printed books.

With print:
    • You control the layout. It’s a fixed format.
    • The words, fonts, and font sizes appear on the printed page exactly where you put them, and everyone that reads the book will see the same layout.
    • People that read your book cannot change how it looks like in terms of page size, layout, page color, etc.
  • If some text begins on a certain page—it will always be there no matter what the reader does with the book.
With ebooks:
    • There is no “page” per se!
    • It’s an elastic format.
    • Your ebook will look different on every e-reading device.
    • What one person sees on their screen will not necessarily be on another person’s screen.
  • Text of your ebook will shape, shift, reflowand look good on multiple screen sizes.

Unlike print edition, it’s important that your ebook is formatted and coded to liberate the words in a digital form so they can adapt to various devices. The less fixed parts your book has, the better it will behave.

Visual example
Check out the same source file displayed on a smartphone & tablet. See how the text flows & adapts to both devices while you’re scrolling each of them!

Thanks for reading!

Nat Mara


Also known as Nat Mara & Bookaholic at Fiverr.
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