Do You Need MS Word Formatting for Smashwords or Amazon KDP?

MS Word Formatting for Smashwords or Amazon KDP

 The Best Smashwords Formatting Is Here!

Marraii Smashwords Formatting ServiceAnyone who's ever dealt with Smashwords knows how much hassle that can be. After all, Smash is a well-known headache inducer when it comes to manuscript formatting. Therefore, if you're planning to get your books up there, you should definitely check out this page.

Independent authors/publishers' goal is to get their books to as many readers as possible. Consequently, that's where Smashwords comes into play—love them or hate them, but they distribute books to all major online retailers, many small ones, and plethora of libraries. Nobody has a wider ebook retailer network than Smash. As a result, they represent an irreplaceable platform for ebook self-publishing.

Smashwords Distribution Channels

My Smashwords formatting service includes formatting of your MS Word document to pass Smashwords AutoVetter on the first try! Passing means your book meets all their standards, and will be submitted to Smashwords Premium Catalog for distribution to their huge ebook-retailer network. Guaranteed! Smashwords has a strict set of rules that I follow to the T, so my formatting always passes! No exceptions!

Reviews speak for themselves 🙂 Over 4000 5-star reviews! 100% success rate!

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Sakura Publishing

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 Your file for Smashwords will be tested against the AutoVetter, and 100% error free with:

  • Clickable Table of Contents (hyperlinked)
  • Footnotes converted to endnotes (hyperlinked back-and-forth for interactivity!)
  • Paragraph styles & line spacing properly set not to break Smash rules
  • Chapters starting on top of the next page
  • Tables converted to images or text (depending what looks better since Smash doesn't allow tables)
  • Images downsized to Smash requirements and 96dpi resolution

And all other things not allowed on Smashwords removed/replaced/fixed!



Marraii Design offers hand-coded ePub and mobi-kindle for as low as $5 per every 10.000 words.

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Amazon Kindle Formatting

Marraii Formatting for KindleIf you need formatting for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, then the same rules apply for pricing—$5 per every 10.000 words. Page count can change, but word count is constant and reliable. You can use the above mentioned Smashwords formatting Gig to purchase Amazon Kindle service—just let me know that you need it for Amazon KDP instead of my default Smashwords option, or contact me on the website.

Your file for Amazon will be tested, and 100% error free with:

  • Clickable Table of Contents that gets integrated into "Go To" menu on kindle devices
  • Footnotes converted to endnotes (hyperlinked back-and-forth for interactivity!)
  • Paragraph styles & line spacing properly set
  • Chapters starting on top of the next page
  • Tables stripped of anything that would cause poor display
  • Images downsized to Kindle requirements

And all other things not allowed on Amazon removed/replaced/fixed!

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MS Word .doc Formatted for Conversion on Smashwords
per every 10.000 words

A properly formatted MS Word .doc for submission on Smashwords

MS Word .doc Formatted for Conversion on Amazon
per every 10.000 words

A properly formatted MS Word .doc for submission on Amazon

Nat has gone far beyond what you post on your gig. Your service and work is not excellent, is EXCEPTIONAL! Thanks for everything and recomendabilisimo definitely buy this gig and I'll buy it again without a doubt. Nat thanks!


 When things go south—or when formatting in MS Word is not the best option for your ebook

In most cases, MS Word is all you need to get a good conversion, and you wouldn't get any better result by having an epub hand-coded. However, sometimes books have special parts that need special handling and MS Word just isn't cut out for them.

Can I use the file you formatted for Smashwords and upload it on Amazon?

No. Definitely not. There are some differences in how Amazon converts files and how Smash does it. For one, hyperlinked ToC in Smash file does not convert well on Amazon. It does convert well for on-page ToC, but it doesn't get integrated into "Go To" menu that is essential for Kindle ebooks.

My book has a lot of images that are important. Is MS Word formatting the best option for Amazon and/or Smashwords submission?

Not at all. The best option for books with images that need to be of better quality and visibility is hand-coded epub for Smash, and mobi for Amazon. Epub/mobi allow images to be set to adapt to screen size, while that option cannot be set through Word.

See real examples of images in epub formatting.

I have a lot of bullets and numbering. Will they convert well on Amazon and Smashwords?

Nope. At least in 98% of the cases they won't.

By default, Smash rejects files with Word's automatic bullets/numbering (not allowed; have to be converted into plain text).

Amazon allows them but their conversion system doesn't handle them well. There's nothing you can do in MS Word to fix that situation. Although it might look okay in some previews of your book, it won't look okay on most devices, especially smaller ones like smartphones. When you find out—it'll be too late.

That's why, if you have a lot of lists, it's best to go with hand-coded epub/mobi that have lists handled perfectly.

See real examples of bullets/numbering in epub formatting.

I have tables that need to look good. Will they convert well on Amazon and Smashwords?

On Smash, no. Smash doesn't allow tables inside the file. They have to be converted into images or text in both Word and epub. Images, on the other hand, cannot be big so visibility might be an issue. However, epub is still a better choice because, even if tables are not allowed, as images that adapt to screen size they will still look okay.

On Amazon, tables in Word look okay in most cases. When they are bigger, it's better to have mobi hand-coded with tables set to adapt to screen size which cannot be done in Word.

See real examples of tables in epub formatting.

Do you accept all languages? 

No. For reasons unknown to me, my software works well only with Latin alphabet, so I accept all languages from that group and none from others.

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