Promote Your Book with an Animated GIF

Animated GIF is a great way to promote your book. You can pack up the most important info about your book, and showcase it on your social media, email, and website/blog. It’s a quick and dynamic way to grab your audience’s attention.

Animated GIFs are the best of two worlds—still images and videos combined. Order an animated GIF for your book promotion from Marraii Design today, and promote your upcoming book on social media, and your website/blog with ease.

*Animated GIFs are not supported everywhere.

  • Twitter: no problem
  • Facebook personal profile: no problem
  • Facebook business page: has to be uploaded as video
  • Pinterest: no problem
  • LinkedIn: not supported
  • Instagram: needs to be converted to a video (see how)

Thanks for reading!

Nat Mara


Also known as Nat Mara & Bookaholic at Fiverr.
Graphic designer, ebook architect, book typesetter, and digital nomad with more than a decade of experience.

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