Want to Sell Your eBook on Your Website? Need ePub/mobi as Advanced Reader Copy? No problem!

Ebook formatting and coding by Marraii Design

Each book is manually coded into epub/mobi!

Epub and Mobi Formatting & Coding

Marraii Design offers you—independent authors and small publishers—a chance to have your book hand-coded into popular ebook formats such as ePub and mobi-kindle for as low as $5 per every 25.000 words. Your book will be thoroughly cleaned up from hidden corruptions before formatting, and then hand-coded into ePub/mobi. In those formats, your eBook is complete and ready to be:

  •  sold on your website,
  • sent out to reviewers as advanced reader copies,
  • offered as prize in giveaways,
  •  or used for publishing where epub/mobi are required or prefered as source files for upload instead of MS Word.

What I need from you to make it happen:

  • a finished, edited, and proofread manuscript in .doc, .docx, .odt or .html format
  • a front cover to integrate into mobi/ePub
    (mobi/ePub are finished, standalone ebook formats, so they must have front cover already encoded inside)

Order now on Fiverr, or contact me to get a custom quote for your manuscript.

Hand-coded ePub or mobi-kindle eBook format
per every 10.000 words

You will get a custom, properly hand-coded epub or mobi

Am I ready to hire a formatter?

  • Completed manuscript?
  • Edited & proofread?
  •  Book cover designed?
  •  Read the FAQ on this page & on general FAQ page?

MS Word or ePub/mobi?
When deciding on whether to have your ebook formatted as MS Word for upload on Amazon/Smash, or coded as epub/mobi, among other things, have in mind that epub and mobi are finished products that cannot be edited afterwards.

Why Do Ebooks Have to Flow?
Don't miss an opportunity to see a live preview of a chapter displayed on smartphone & tablet. It really drives home the point of ebook flexibility.
Go to "Ebook Formatting: Why Do Ebooks Have to Flow?" and see for yourself.

Bookaholic is superhuman. Utterly reliable, easy to work with... and never seems to sleep.

Richard W. Goffman,

the author of "Takeover"

If unicorns were real, I would buy her one as a bonus! Perfect again.
Faultless, working with this lady has been one of the greatest experiences here on fiverr!

R. Petracek,

the author of Christopher Craft books

Always goes above and beyond for customers. Best formatter you will find anywhere. If I could give Nat 10 starts I would!! Outstanding as usual!!!

Jamiee Morgan,

THE BEST formatter I have ever worked with! So professional! Service is seriously underpriced! The amount of technical skill that is required to perform such high quality work boggles my mind. I formatted my own e-books in the past & I sucked. Wish I would've have found this person years earlier!!!!

Vanessa Lech,

Some FAQ

What is an ePub?

ePub ebook format is an industry-wide standard for eBooks. It is the most common eBook format used on the market. It can be read on most eBook devices, except Kindle.

There are two epub formats: epub2 and epub3. Marraii Design offers only epub2 creation until epub3 becomes widely acceptable (which it's still not). ePub2 is the most common format for sale on the market and all of the retailers accept them (Amazon accepts epub2 as a source file for conversion, but not as a stand-alone selling format).

What is a .mobi?

Mobi format was purchased by Amazon from its developers, and used to develop the Kindle. Meanwhile, Amazon has added some new and improved formats like KF8, but .mobi is still the best source file to upload on Amazon. It can be read on any of the Kindle devices and Kindle Apps.

When you receive a .mobi file from Marraii, it actually has three parts packed in it: a HTML file used as the basis for the file; a KF8 file for the more-advanced devices, and a KF7 file for the older Kindle devices.

DRM ( Digital Rights Management) encryption.

All Marraii Design epub/mobi formats are DRM free.

Do you help with uploading epub/mobi to my site/blog?

No. Marraii Design offers epub/mobi creation service. Upload is something you or your web admin should do.

Do I need separate ISBNs for epub and mobi?

Yes. International ISBN Agency says that every format of a book that you sell must have its own ISBN assigned to it.

Read in-depth explanation about ISBNs and ebooks to find out more about it.

Where can I use epub/mobi that you created?

  1. You can upload them to every retailer that accepts epub/mobi files for either sale or conversion to their formats. To mention some: Amazon, Barnes&Noble Nook, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Lulu, Ingram, Smashwords, Google Play Books, etc.
  2. You can sell them on your website/blog.
  3. You can send them to your readers for reviewing as advanced reader copies, to beta reading group, or to friends and family
  4. You can gift them in giveaways run on your site, social media, other people's sites and blogs, etc.

Do I need specific software to open epub/mobi?

Yes. You wouldn't try to open a pdf file in MS Excel, would you? You would use Adobe Reader to view pdf. Likewise, epub and mobi have specific software, apps, and devices that open them.

  • Computer—to preview epub/mobi on your computer, download Adobe Digital Editions for epubs, and Kindle App for mobi.
  • eReaders—devices with the sole purpose of reading epub/mobi like Kindle Paperwite, Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Touch, and many others. They don't need installation of specific apps to open epub/mobi respectively.
  • Tablets—devices with more than a reading purpose. They usually require installing apps for reading epub/mobi books that are operating-system-specific (Android or iOS). Those apps are available through the app store, so you can download them to your tablet. To see how, check these sites: KindleApple, Nook, Kobo, GoogleAldiko, Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Smartphones—just like tablets, they need an app to open epub/mobi. See how to get them: KindleApple, Nook, Kobo, GoogleAldiko, Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Apps—there are too many official and third party apps for reading ebooks to list them all. You can search for them and download the ones you want to your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Most bigger retailers offer download of their apps on their sites so that's the first logical step.
    Check them out: KindleApple, Nook, Kobo, GoogleAldiko, Adobe Digital Editions.

Do you accept all languages? 

No. For reasons unknown to me, my software works well only with Latin alphabet, so I accept all languages from that group and none from others.

More FAQ >>

Epub and Mobi Portfolio

The simplest layout is often the best.

  • It works for all books,
  • displays impeccably on all devices,
  • doesn’t have additional font licensing costs that can be very expensive,
  • and it’s small in size so download cost is minimal.

Custom layouts. Even though simple layout is the best, custom layouts that look as close as possible to the print edition are high in demand. More and more authors decide to spring up for font licensing and graphics to make it possible. (see FAQ about epub font embedding license!)

Embedded fonts. There are times when font embedding is crucial to the story and the book just wouldn't be the same without them, or the author feels the book would lose too much if they weren't there. That's when authors choose to get ebook embedding font license and we encode them inside epub/mobi.

Styles differ. Some authors go with subtle font treatments like having chapter headings or quotes in certain font. Others go loud and proud with more than one font combo.  (see FAQ about epub font embedding license!)



Endnotes. In ebooks, footnotes become hyperlinked endnotes. The person reading can click on an endnote in text, be taken to endnote list, and then click again to be taken back to text where the endnote was first clicked. Interactivity achieved!

Drop-caps. They look amazing on some devices, but because they can have unpredictable behavior on older devices and those devices that do not support all coding, it's usually not a very good idea to have them inside your ebook.




Full width images.

Graphic elements (supplied by the author, or made by Marraii Design).

Special pages (journals, devotionals, etc.).


Cookbooks, screenplays, ... which I don't accept for formatting anymore. They generally have smaller wordcount, but so much more work than ten times bigger wordcount.

All of the above examples can be found in this pdf: Ebook Formatting