Promote Your Book with a Video

Why do I need a video to promote my book?

We live in a fast, busy world that is dominated more and more by the visual media. Just a few years back, it was enough to tweet about your book, or post on Facebook that it's out there, but nowadays videos have taken over the spotlight. Now, text-based posts get lost among other attention-grabbing material, mainly videos and animated gifs.

That's why Marraii Design offers book authors straight-to-the-point, 30 seconds long video, that prominently features your book, and the most crucial data a reader needs to generate interest in your book. Plus, videos are often shared, and can become viral, so that gives your book a chance to reach wider audience.

Where to use book promotion videos?

The quickest way to grab attention of potential readers is to share a video about your upcoming book on:

  • your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+),
  • on YouTube,
  • on author's Amazon page,
  • various sites that let you upload videos of your book
  • and your blog/website.
Book Promo Video Stills

Your book promotion video will include:

  • INTRO: a dynamic, 3d book image with your book cover, title, author name, and description
  • REVIEWS: 3 customer reviews, or quotes from the book, animated with your 3d cover
  • SAMPLE CHAPTER: 2 pages from your book to display as a sample
  • OUTRO: information on where to buy, author blog/website/social media

Here is what I need from you:

  • Book cover (front, back, and spine)
  • Book title, author, and description, or intro message of your choosing
    (description: keep it short to fit on the slide shown above)
  • 3 reviews with reviewers’ names, or 3 quotes from the book
    (keep them short so people can read them; 2-3 sentences that really hit home run)
  • 2 pages from your book
    (already formatted PDF you sent to Createspace would be ideal; I can extract 2 pages you want presented from it)
  • Information on where to buy, author blog/website/social media

Book Promotion Video
30 second video

Full HD (1080p)

Running Time: 30 seconds

Background Music (Royalty Free)

File format: mp4

Delivery: 3 days

Revisions: 3

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.

Please accept marketing-cookies to watch this video.


If videos are not your cup of tea, why not try promoting your upcoming book with an animated GIF?