These Authors Have Entrusted Marraii Design with Their Books


I am a true believer in showcasing real life examples of my work.

That's why I created this page with Amazon's new sample preview feature for kindles. Here, I display books from some of my authors in no particular order or importance.

Unfortunately, Amazon's preview feature strips off all embedded fonts, just like their cloud reader does, so some of them won't be displayed the way they were actually formatted. Regardless, it's fun to see them in action! To see print layouts where I mention I did them, go to that book's Amazon page, and choose print layout "Look Inside" feature.

Smashwords and their wide network of retailers don't have the same embedding tool, so in order to show some of those books, I've made my own previewer. Since I'm not a developer by vocation, it does the job the best I could program it given my limited developing capabilities. Bare with me...
(Side-note: Overdrive offers embedding samples, but its javascript code breaks down my site, so it wasn't an option :/ )


Vincent Zandri is the Winner of the 2015 PWA Shamus Award and the 2015 ITW Thriller Award for Best Original Paperback Novel for MOONLIGHT WEEPS. He is the NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and AMAZON KINDLE No.1 bestselling author of more than 25 novels.

I've had the pleasure of typesetting most of his books for print, and coding them as epub/mobi. Have a look at a few examples:

Just Kindle mobi & epub

Createspace paperback, epub, Kindle mobi

Createspace paperback, epub, Kindle mobi


Liz Schulte: Many authors claim to have known their calling from a young age. Liz Schulte, however, didn't always want to be an author. In fact, she had no clue. Liz wanted to be a veterinarian, then she wanted to be a lawyer, then she wanted to be a criminal profiler. In a valiant effort to keep from becoming Walter Mitty, Liz put pen to paper and began writing her first novel. It was at that moment she realized this is what she was meant to do. As a scribe she could be all of those things and so much more.

I didn't have the opportunity to do all Liz Schulte books, but those that I did were so much fun! She prefers to have her Kindle manuscripts formatted in MS Word for the ease of editing afterwards, and her print layouts were done as pdfs.

Kindle MS Word, Smashwords MS Word

Kindle MS Word, Createspace pdf, Smashwords MS Word


Amazon best-selling author, beer blogger, brewery marketing expert, mom of three, and soccer fan, Liz Crowe is a Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Louisville currently living in Ann Arbor. She has decades of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as a three-continent, ex-pat trailing spouse. 

Marraii Design did her manuscripts in batches of epub, mobi, pdf ebook, and Smashwords in MS Word.

Epub, Mobi, Pdf ebook, MS Word for Smashwords

Epub, Mobi, Pdf ebook, MS Word for Smashwords


Claire Donovan is an Amazon bestselling author, and a Romance Writers of America author.

She came to me with her "Boss" and "Mace" book series to be coded into two versions: epubs for Smashwords, and epubs for all other epub-accepting retailers. It was a fun project, and Claire was a delight to work with.

Epub for Smashwords, and elsewhere


Linda Bridey's works are consistently on several top 100 best-selling romance book lists. Since starting her writing career in earnest, Linda has written thirty-three books and counting, which have gained great popularity.

Marraii Design has formatted +30 of Linda Bridey's books for Smashwords, Createspace & LightningSource.

Createspace, LSI, Smashwords (this Kindle preview--not me)


Leaving Montana is Thomas Whaley's first novel and the proud winner of the prestigious 2015 ERIC HOFFER Small Press Award, the 2015 INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARD for Best New Literary Fiction, the 2015 Outstanding First Novel Award from Independent Author Network (IAN) and is also the THIRD PLACE winner of the 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards.

Marraii Design was hired to do a mobi version based on print layout.

Kindle mobi


Portia S. Bates has spent the majority of her professional career as an educator with a primary focus on educational leadership. In 2014, Portia determined to direct her energies toward her life's purpose, which is to touch the lives of others by sharing deeply personal experiences through her down-to-earth, slightly flinching writing style.

Marraii Design helped 2 of her books get in Kindle shape: Tribal Daughters, and Grace: A Love Story.

Createspace pdf, Kindle mobi, Smashwords MS Word

Createspace pdf, Kindle mobi, Smashwords MS Word


Brian Morris M.D. has been featured in The Wall St. Journal, Men's Health Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, and Business Week. He has repeatedly been selected as one of America's best doctors by U.S. News & World Report, Castle Connolly, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Marraii Design has formatted his book "The Wellness Code: The Evidence-Based Prescription for Weight Loss, Longevity, Health and Happiness" for print via Createspace, for Smashwords in MS Word, and coded epub and mobi.

Createspace pdf, Kindle mobi, Nook epub, Smashwords MS Word


Elizabeth Good hails from Brooklyn, New York, and resides in Toms River, New Jersey, with her husband and 13-year-old shih-tzu, Saverio. She has one son, three stepchildren, and three grandsons.

Marraii Design formatted her book "Trampled Underfoot: The Dirt on Vic and Lia" for Createspace, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Smashwords, as well as designed the cover.

Createspace pdf, Kindle mobi, Smashwords MS Word, Cover for print and ebook


David Edmonds & Maria Nieves Edmonds, a couple that happened to stumble upon Marraii Design as Bookaholic@Fiverr just when they needed to publish their book The Girl in the Glyphs. What luck!

Mr. Edmonds had drawn glyphs, by hand, on pieces of paper when he was in Peru. Marraii Design digitized his 102 hand-drawn images for chapter openings, created files for Createspace and Kindle.

Createspace pdf, Kindle mobi


Richard Turner is the author of science fiction and military fiction books. Marraii Design formatted many of his books for Smashwords over the years:

  • The Ryan Mitchell Thrillers (7 Book Series / Marraii formatted 6 books)
  • The Kurgan War (8 Book Series / Marraii formatted 5 books)
  • A James Shaw Mission (2 Book Series / Marraii formatted 2 books)
  • The Alexander Scott novels (2 Book Series / Marraii formatted 2 books)
  • A Project Gauntlet Mission (3 Book Series / Marraii formatted 2 books)
  • The Christopher Sheppard Adventures (2 Book Series / Marraii formatted 2 books)

Ebook Formatting for Smashwords

Ebook Formatting for Smashwords

Ebook Formatting for Smashwords