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Marraii Design offers:
  • custom book cover design for print,
  • custom ebook cover design,
  • and preparing existing covers for print.

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Why should I choose a custom book cover design?

You heard that saying how a picture tells a thousand words. Well, custom book covers tell the story about your book. They are made according to your creative brief, they convey your book's main topic, and include author-suggested specificities that are crucial for the story. In other words, covers made by Marraii Design are custom-tailored to your book.

Where do you get images for your cover designs?

Marraii Design uses licensed stock images form:

  • trusted websites like,,,, and similar
  • free stock images and public domain images from verified websites like 

Is the cost of stock images included in the cover design price?

Yes. All photo expenses are included in the price.

Will you send me those images along with the final cover design?

No. You are buying the final product—your brand new cover design that is a result of Marraii Design's creative work. You're not buying individual images purchased on stock sites for the purpose of creating your cover. However, you will be given links to those images on their respective stock sites, so you will be able to buy them if you need them separately. Have in mind that those source images, in their original form, might look quite differently than they do on your cover because they will have undergone a big makeover.

Can I send you my own photos?

Yes, but make sure you own the rights to use them, that they are big enough, and high enough in resolution (300dpi for print).

What kind of images you don't use?

Marraii Design never uses images from Google search, images found on other people's blogs/sites, desktop wallpapers, or clipart from random websites.

Is there a limit to the number of stock images you use?

Yes. The cost of stock images used in a cover design cannot exceed the price paid for the cover itself. 

Do you create fonts for covers?

No. Font design requires special skills and software that Marraii Design does not possess.

Where do you find fonts for covers?

Marraii Design uses commercial fonts that were personally purchased or free fonts that were downloaded from trusted font sites.

Will you send me fonts that you used for my cover?

No. By purchasing fonts (free or full priced), Marraii Design signs "End User License Agreement" (EULA) that forbids distribution of font files to third parties. However, you will be provided with font names and links to where they can be bought/downloaded on the Internet. This way, you can personally buy a commercial font or download a free font.

Will I get source files for my cover?

Yes. Marraii Design can provide a layered PSD upon request.

What file formats will I get for my cover?

Your ebook cover will be delivered as high resolution JPG and PNG. Your print book cover will be delivered as a print-ready PDF.

One Design, Multiple Formats

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