36 Serif and Sans-serif Fonts for Your Paragraphs and Headings

36 Serif and Sans-serif Fonts for Your Paragraphs and Headings

Deciding which fonts to use in your printed edition is not just about beauty, readability, setting the mood, compatibility with the story, and invoking proper feelings. Let’s face it, it’s about how much space a certain font will take! In self-publishing, the final page count means a lot. After all, it determines your book’s production cost and pricing.

If you wrote over 150 000 words, maybe you want to limit your book’s production cost by having fewer pages. If you’re forced to price it too high because of high production costs, it will impact your sales in a bad way. You don’t want your book to look crammed up, or to sacrifice legibility by decreasing font size and/or spacing to do that. The best approach would be using a font that takes up less space to achieve that.

Serifs Sans Fonts
Different fonts take up different space.

If you wrote a smaller book, maybe you want to stretch your text to fill more pages, or you simply want it to have more “meat.” Whatever the reason, you don’t want it to look forcefully spread out by using double spacing, or typesetting paragraphs in 14pt. Using a font that takes up more space will help you achieve your goal.

Here’s a selection of 36 serif and 36 sans-serif fonts that Marraii Design can use to typeset your book. See how each of them takes up different space, even though they are single-spaced, all headings set to 22pt, and all paragraphs to 12pt.


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If you’re having trouble previewing the file above, or would simply like to have it as pdf, click here to download “36 Serif and Sans-serif Fonts for Your Paragraphs and Headings

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