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Graphic designer, ebook architect, book typesetter, and digital nomad. . . & I can see the matrix!

[shocked collective gasp]

Okay, maybe I can’t really see the matrix. Who can?

In order to learn more about me, click on my name below, or click on the testimonials to hear what others have to say about my skills and customer service.

"I Work From Home" by Marraii

Natasa Marovic – Your New Favorite Freelancer

Who Is Marraii, the Person Behind the Screen?     Your new favorite freelancer is Natasa Marovic—graphic designer, ebook architect, book typesetter, and digital nomad with more than a decade …

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Testimonials—Top Notch Customer Service!

Talented designer who grasped what we were looking for right way and created a logo that we’re very happy with. She was quick to respond to all of our requests and professional in every way.

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